Types of Corporate Videos to Grow Your Organization

Videos are an incredible tool in the hand of a digital marketer. 89% of video marketers claim to have a good ROI from their videos. This is because videos are highly engaging, easy to consume, and much more shareable on social media.

For businesses, they present a unique opportunity to get the ears of their audience listening. Long gone are the days of 4000+ word blogs that would introduce a company, its products, and services to customers.

Today, it’s all about the video content a business can produce. There are a lot of different types of corporate videos that you can leverage as a business owner, but as a marketer, there are 5 kinds of corporate videos that you can leverage for increased user engagement, which will help you grow your organization.

They are as follows:

  • Company Profile Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Testimonial Videos
  • How-To Content Videos
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Videos.

If you are looking to get a corporate video made for your brand to increase your growth, you can hire a corporate video production company to get started. Now, let’s take a look at each of these, their use cases and their impact on an organization from a marketer’s perspective.

Company Profile

Company profile videos are a type of corporate video that aims to bring new business to market or introduce a company to its target audience.

These kinds of videos primarily focus on discussing the values and the mission of the company, their products or services, and its main Unique Selling Point (USP).

These videos are used to attract customers to take a second look at the company as a possible choice for their needs, be it getting a corporate video produced or buying a lawnmower.

Most marketers overlook the importance of a corporate profile video, but the fact is that this video adds to a customer’s information regarding the kind of company you are in, and that is crucial in order to create trust between them and your brand.

Promotional Videos

A promotional corporate video is a direct marketing video for a specific product or service.

A promotional video can be a corporate explainer video or a TV advertisement that explains a specific service or a product alongside the company’s branding, in detail. This could include teaching customers how to use a product or the benefits of using a service.

The main idea behind a promotional video is to explain to your audience why your product or service is different from others in the market and uniquely solves a problem.

This helps your product stand out and gain more attraction in terms of users because it fills in a market gap that your competitors left.

How-To Videos

A training or how-to video for a marketer is just like blogging but in the shape of video marketing.

In content marketing, you pick up a high search volume keyword or topic and create a blog post around it to gain organic traffic to a website.

In corporate video production, you take that topic, and instead of writing a 3000-word blog on it, create a video that details the exact same content.

There are numerous “How To” videos on the internet, from “how to start a car?” to “How to leverage AI technology to grow your business?”

These videos add value to your customer’s knowledge base and help them become more confident about their information and ability to make a decision.

This helps you convince your consumers that they are ready to make an educated decision, and since you’re the educator, they are likely to choose your service or product rather than delay their project out of fear of failure and bad decision-making.

Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video is an important asset for a marketer. As a marketing executive, it is your responsibility to get testimonials from your clients to add authority and trustworthiness to your website or social media page.

Client reviews and testimonial videos are incredibly effective in creating a human connection with potential buyers and giving them a reason to trust your products and services.

These work better than company-produced advertisement videos because it has a real human, a client with experience working with the business giving a recommendation.

You can add your corporate logos and branding to a testimonial video to make it visually appealing and stay within the brand image, but the raw message is the key to a convincing testimonial video.

Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

Lastly, we talk about a company’s values. In the modern age, consumers are demanding businesses to showcase their social values and fulfil their responsibility.

Brands like Nike are doing so with their ad showcasing Colin Kaepernick or their ads celebrating feminism.

But more than just social statements, CSR videos are made to exhibit the role business is playing in the development of the community.

From charities and volunteer services to actions taken to go green and reduce climate change, CSR actions can be widely marketed to showcase your values. All these are examples of values that CSR videos are likely to uphold in the modern world.

This is what creates a long-term relationship with customers, gives brands a higher customer retention rate, and, therefore, greater growth and a positive video marketing ROI.

What Makes Up For A Great Corporate Video?

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind when producing a corporate video. The aim of the video is to impress customers, create engagement, and convince your audience to engage in financial activity with your brand, be it through a product or service.

These are the tips that will help you create a corporate video marketing strategy, and you will find their usage in the best corporate videos in the world.

A Crystal Clear Script.

The script of a corporate video has to be incredibly precise and establish the main point of the video. If it’s a product promotion video, then establishing the need for the product, it’s a unique way of solving the problem, and its value to the user.

High-Quality Voiceover

The voiceover quality of a video sets its mood. If it’s monotonous and boring, the chances are that the viewer will leave halfway through the video. You can hire a professional voiceover artist from Fiverr, or Upwork to record an impactful and engaging voiceover.

Story-Telling Using Animation

The animation style is also important. Your animation isn’t just words flying through the air or characters that can speak, your visual elements should take an active part in story-telling and metaphorically explain the words that are being said by the narrator. This creates a visual experience that is eye-grabbing and improves your engagement in the video.

Call To Action

Once you’ve got everything right, you have to guide the viewer to their next step in the consumer cycle. The video is part of the consumer journey, so by the end of the video, you should inform your audience on what their next step should be. This could be visiting a website, downloading an app, or filing a form.  Adding a CTA to the video helps keep the client moving in the cycle, rather than exiting it once the video is complete.

How To Get A Corporate Video Produced?

So are you looking to get your brand’s corporate video produced? Are you ready to utilize modern digital marketing strategies with the help of video marketing? There are two ways you can do that.

You can hire an in-house team of video producers that includes a scriptwriter, a graphic designer, and an animator. On the other hand, you can leverage the services of the top video production companies already out there in the market, offering state-of-the-art corporate video production services.

Though you can also use free video makers and software, professional video production is essential to ensure quality production, especially because compromising on quality can result in losing potential customers, which can hinder your growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with video production and supercharge your brand’s digital marketing strategy.

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