What Really Drives Your Internet Customer Experience?

Let’s start with some intriguing facts. While shopping, for 64% of buyers customer experience is more important than pricing. And if the buying process is too vague and complicated, 70% of buyers would rather change the brand.

Moreover, before even dealing with the vendor or seller B2B consumers completely define their requirements for which half of the B2B buyers have already identified solutions.

This data should not be surprising as it reflects how the mindset of consumers has evolved with the evolution of technology. The emergence of the internet has made all the information we need easily accessible to all of us.

Cable, Phone, and Internet connections are as essential commodities like anything else in our homes, and we cannot function properly in their absence – forget undergoing a sluggish connection. Amid COVID’19 it has become even more crucial not to have steady communication support and that primarily includes Cable TV, internet, and phone.

Most of us working from home are only relying on good internet connection and ISPs have also come forward with packages and deals that incorporate students and professionals working online during the quarantine.

ISPs enabling instant customer support help is also more significant than ever before because we cannot afford the internet not functioning properly for a single day – it greatly affects our productivity and work hours. Spectrum internet customer service has been phenomenal throughout this global pandemic as it has always been before as well, quoting from general consensus and recent experiences.

customer service system

Here, in this article, we are going to comprehend why ISPs should keep the customer service system intact and how significant it is for their business or any business in general.

But the question is how is it relatable to what you think about your marketing, selling, and your customer service team. There would be three definite roles described by many:

  • Marketing covers brand and appearance.
  • While the sales departments are all about developing relationships.
  • And sustaining those relationships is linked to customer service.

But if these three roles are not operating in synchronizations with each other; they can affect your growth and can cause damage to your brand.

Whether the potential buyer is looking for any product or service, researching for options, making endorsements, or seeking an outlet to let other people know about their previous experiences which were good or bad their major option is doing it online. This is an established fact now, which results in blurring the boundaries of marketing, selling, and customer service.

Thus, adjusting your strategy is crucial to be effective in the marketplace we have today. Your organization needs to line up with the behaviour of your prospect as their journey is being commenced with your brand, which means you need to know how your potential buyers think; how they are researching; how they are purchasing, and what their buyer’s journey is.

Before any business is being sent to your way a prospect undergoes three stages which are: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Your prospect will search the internet and will look for information related to their problems or requirements. The content they get to see is helpful for them and that content is establishing trustworthiness between you and your client. You need to produce content that helps them in their research and let them know how your offers and services can aid them in the aforementioned stages.

At every step, we have mentioned before a buyer is looking for specific information. And exactly where it becomes interesting, let’s talk about blog, review, ratings, or your accessibility to your clients whatever it is you need to make the recent ecosystem work for you. For which you need to have input from your whole team

Your marketing team should create relevant and helpful messages and content that the customer can relate to.

Your sales team should make sure to be accessible. They need to be more helpful rather than just being some average salespersons with sales talks only. Your customer support should be more focused on reading and reviews of your existing customers. If you are generating helpful content you need to have a track record as social proofs, testimonials, and reviews. Also, the team needs to be available when clients have any questions. This way their trust in you will be established and they will start having confidence in you that you are qualified enough to meet their requirements.

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