How To Get Financing for Your Business [Infographic]

When anyone thinks of starting a business, the biggest challenge is getting funds for their business. Getting adequate funds is a must for the survival of any business. Although there’re many options available by which business owners can fund their business. Still, there’s always a state of confusion and fear in business owners about which […]

The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms

The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms [Infographic]

Technology is always evolving with the rise of citizen developers, an indicator of the next wave of digital trends. A major conversation in recent years alongside tech development is the shortage of software professionals to meet demand and keep up the momentum of change. On top of this, the events of 2020 have done little […]

How to Boost Your Bulk Messaging with Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

How to Boost Your Bulk Messaging with Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

Technology trends are always evolving, and 2020 is no different with Software as a Solution (SaaS) experiencing explosive growth this year due to the digital transformation that’s characterized every single industry. SaaS is a delivery model used globally for everything from cloud services to data management with Coherent Market Insights projecting that profits in this […]

appointment with the client

Five Steps to Improve Your Sales Appointment Setting Attempts

Are you looking for advice on how to set appointments over the phone and secure more face-to-face meetings? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll give you some useful tips to help you set your appointments efficiently and turn more of your calls into sales. #1 – Consider a Power Dialer […]

Benefits of Using Animations for Marketing Business

Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business

Marketers are always looking for new ways to get their message out there, and in 2020, it’s more important than ever to make an impact! With the rise of smartphones and reliable broadband internet, video marketing has gone from strength to strength. Not only is it the most popular content type on social media, the […]

sustainable packaging

The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

With the rise in interest in the environment due to the increased pressure on global climates, we have witnessed a massive surge in people wishing to become more sustainable in their choices. We hear the words and publicity surrounding people like Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg as they strive daily to create a focus on the […]

What is Influencer Marketing and When Should You Use It?

You’ve probably seen posts on social media from people who seem to do nothing more than show you images of their beautiful lives and homes and ever-changing wardrobe. You’ve probably wondered about those people and what they do and how they support themselves. Well, welcome to the world of influencers. In place of advertising, companies […]

8 airport marketing ideas that help you in brand awareness

8 Airport Marketing Ideas That Help You in Brand Awareness

In this digital age, airport marketing is trending and beneficial. Tremendous marketing ideas help in informing your audience at a mass level. Marketing through airports is also playing a vital role in brand awareness. Airport use of marketing these ideas build brand awareness should entail consumer experience and serve as their travel buddy. Most of […]

How Much Should You Be Paying For Your Accounting?

Many entrepreneurs will grow and evolve to the point they need someone else to manage their finances. An accountant isn’t just a luxury; in most cases, they are the most cost-effective and important way to manage your business finance. How much you should be paying for your accountant will depend on a few factors, like […]

LinkedIn for Small Businesses in 2020

Why LinkedIn is Essential for Small Businesses in 2020 and How to Make Most of It

Are you a small business wondering if LinkedIn should be a part of your content strategy? You bet, it should! Why? Because engagement on LinkedIn is booming. LinkedIn content creation is up 60% year-over-year, and if you are not on LinkedIn, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target audience, […]