Is SEO Worth the Expense? [infographic]

Businesses that want to expand their reach beyond their local communities must first have a website to let their target customers find them online. But the site is not enough, and business owners must follow it up with an active Search Engine Optimization campaign. Some business owners might be shocked when they see an SEO […]

Ultimate Guide to Convert Your Website Visitors into Buyers-min

Ultimate Guide to Convert Your Website Visitors into Buyers

The conversion rate of an e-commerce site is a very important element, it makes possible to calculate the ratio between the number of visitors and the number of customers transformed from online commerce. More than 85% of Internet users carry out research before buying anything. It is during this phase that everything is done to […]

Seven Common PPC Mistakes for Small Businesses-min

Avoid These Seven Common PPC Mistakes for Small Businesses at All Costs

After carrying out numerous free PPC account audits for small businesses currently running PPC advertising, I have come across all kinds of PPC accounts. From large and modest budgets to simple and complex account structures. Ecommerce or lead generation. I’ve seen them all.      There is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ when it […]

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5 SEO Best Practices to Help You in the Long Run

Jane has finished a 1,879 words long article on debating best practices for her blog. Now, it is time for her to implement her SEO strategy so that her blog post ranks on the second page of the SERP! Why the second page? Well, she has read in a report that 9 out of 10 […]

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5 Tips for Bringing More Traffic to Your Small Business Website

The advent of websites has given small businesses the key to the world and an open cheque to operate like a big company despite their relatively small sizes. This indeed is a digital tool for those who know exactly how to improve organic visitors. But it’s quite unfortunate that not every business can because they […]

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5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business

As the use of websites is taking over the business world, brands are getting to know or assume they know the importance of SEO for business. But in the actual sense, the little they seem to know about SEO is just the tip of the iceberg. The general knowledge brands often have about SEO is […]