Reward Yourself Without Hurting Your Wallet – Free Rewards and Printables

You may catch yourself daydreaming about the biggest goals you can’t wait to achieve. You may even find yourself sleepless at night thinking about the life you’d be able to live once you get there. But once it comes to working towards those large goals, it may seem rather unachievable.

If you’re nodding your head yes, this is for you. Start by writing out what you want your life to look like. Then, break those goals down into smaller goals. Once you have those set, create a realistic timeline with rewards up to the leading goal — and repeat.

When you reward yourself for your achievements, you push through the hardest of times. Yet, if one of your biggest goals is to save for a house, or even a car, spending money on a reward may not be the best choice, but that doesn’t mean you should celebrate your wins either.

To create healthy habits and reach your goals time and time again, download Mint’s reward setting printables to track and celebrate your big achievements. Not to mention, the list of free reward ideas to celebrate your hard work. 

Set Your Goals

Start off by setting your big goals and write them down. Keep track of where you are on each week so you know exactly what you need to be focusing on.

Track Your Habits

It only takes 66 days to create a habit. If one of your goals is to work out four days a week, or drink enough water throughout the day, keep yourself accountable. Track your habits and ensure you do it for 66 days.

Have Visible Reminders

Sometimes, you may get down. You may lose all motivation and not want to keep going. Print out our motivational signs, cut them out, and hang them on your wall for a motivation boost.

Check Off Your Goals

As you start to check more and more off of your goals list, cut out and tape our stickers to remind yourself of how good you’re doing.

Reward Yourself

Now, as your goals fully come to a close, celebrate! Of course, be sure to set your next set of goals to keep the momentum going.

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