What is Influencer Marketing and When Should You Use It?

You’ve probably seen posts on social media from people who seem to do nothing more than show you images of their beautiful lives and homes and ever-changing wardrobe. You’ve probably wondered about those people and what they do and how they support themselves. Well, welcome to the world of influencers. In place of advertising, companies have started working with people with large social media followings in order to promote products or services.

Those people have relationships with various brands and are able to share and be enthusiastic about those things to their audiences. And influencer marketing has become even more important to companies trying to reach people in non-traditional ways.

The advantages are many because influencers are trusted. That relationship may also help companies reach audiences they would have not normally get in touch with. What do you need to know before using this for your own company? This graphic explains it.

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What is Influencer Marketing When Should You Use It

Via Salesforce

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