Ultimate Guide to Convert Your Website Visitors into Buyers

The conversion rate of an e-commerce site is a very important element, it makes possible to calculate the ratio between the number of visitors and the number of customers transformed from online commerce.

More than 85% of Internet users carry out research before buying anything. It is during this phase that everything is done to remove the consumer’s uncertainties and not let him go to a competing site. Today, converting and satisfying your client means improving your entire experience from arrival on the site, to receipt of the order.

First, you should know what factors are holding back your conversion?

In other words, fail to convert your visitors into customers? There can be many factors: having an unattractive site despite good SEO or vice versa, SEO based on poorly adapted keywords, external links that link to your site from blogs or other inappropriate sites (hypertext links used excessively or insignificant domain of authority), etc.

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Elements of crucial importance if you sell online and which can cause that only a limited quantity of the traffic of your website does not turn into customers. Some of these reasons can be uncontrollable, others are controllable with the help of actions which will allow you to put the odds on your side and to increase your sales via your e-commerce site.

The path that your Internet users cross is similar to a funnel: from the state of visitors to that of buyers or even loyal buyers, through different types of filters; and all those who visit your site do not become loyal buyers: the very principle of a funnel.

How can you easily convert your visitors into customers? Here are the key points to building your conversion strategy.


The introductory phase that of the first glance, which makes the visitor knock on the door of the store. Interested in your offer, visitors or passers-by must be able to fall born in front of your window and be seduced by it. These two phenomena imply good SEO and therefore the support of effective marketing tools (professional blog, SEO / SEM positioning, social networks, etc.) then a pleasant and fun design and layout.

Maximize the presentation of your products and their description

The quality of product photos has a huge influence on consumer decision-making. Also refine the descriptions of your products, asking yourself: what information does my prospect need to buy?

Develop and use your reputation to increase your sales

Internet users are very vigilant with online reviews and comments. To take advantage of it and differentiate yourself from your competitors, consider your reputation as part of your overall strategy.

Attract and reassure thanks to your delivery times

After the product price and the delivery price, the delivery time is the third element that can change the purchasing decision. After optimizing your delivery times, make sure to put this information forward on your site.

Expand your offer to gain legitimacy

By increasing the number of products for sale on your site, you give a more professional and engaging image. At the same time, you meet the needs of a wider audience.

Use the pickup location for delivery closer to your customer

This is one of the reassuring elements of your strategy. Personalize the customer experience by offering numerous collection points: Drop-off points, post office, home or even lockers.

Highlight your return policy to encourage impulse buying

It is difficult to reduce all the uncertainty of online shoppers, which is why a good return policy is an effective alternative to encourage the act of buying.

Take care of the post-purchase customer relationship

It is important to know that a satisfied customer will speak to an average of 3 people about their purchase, while a dissatisfied customer will speak to an average of 11 people. These experiences must, therefore, be anticipated and controlled by the company so that it derives a benefit.

Use your logistical flexibility as a selling point

Delivery times and options are a source of frustration for online shoppers. You will see your sales increase by improving your delivery conditions and adding more options.

Adopt an effective online marketing strategy

As we know, this is a branch of marketing and it too is difficult to quantify. Don’t skimp on this resource. A good online marketing service will allow you to attract a large number of customers and gain visibility on the Internet.

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Social networks can give you the opportunity to create a community

You will bring together a group of individuals who share a common interest, which will allow you to have quick feedback and gain proximity with your potential and current customers. If this relationship is well managed and balanced, trust can be established and therefore, a significant likelihood of loyalty.

Opt for an interactive website

What is the point of trying to be visible and attract new customers if what makes them flee is a lack of originality, updates or even an unclear message transmitted? Make sure you have an intuitive and quality e-commerce site. Don’t overlook the content of interest through a blog or your news. Finally, the choice of colours and shapes must be considered. The details will save you places against your competitors in the minds of your internet users.

Bet on a regular newsletter

Share the themes of the month, the events related to your activity, your punctual offers, etc. This marketing action will help retain your customers who will be fond of news from you. Beware not to fall into abuse! Do not take the risk of becoming spam and regulate your newsletters well so as not to give the impression of bombarding your customers.

This transformation process from visitors to loyal customers is far from simple. Competition is extremely fierce and the phenomenon of globalization and the unlimited network of Internet brutally worsen the situation. In e-commerce, the consumption pattern is different from the traditional pattern. To convert your visitors into buyers, focus on all the elements that aim to reassure them and improve their experience.

Author Bio: Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification &
Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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