The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

With the rise in interest in the environment due to the increased pressure on global climates, we have witnessed a massive surge in people wishing to become more sustainable in their choices. We hear the words and publicity surrounding people like Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg as they strive daily to create a focus on the issues at hand. One major area where we have seen blame lie is in packaging and product consumption. With the proliferation of the Internet, online shopping has become the norm and never more so as we’re in a pandemic where many more people are choosing to shop online.

These products that have been ordered all over the globe require packaging to keep them safe in transit, but this packaging also needs a place to be disposed of, and thus it continues to fill up the landfill. Therefore the challenge arises for industries to come up with ongoing and viable packaging solutions that don’t cause costs to spiral out of control. Creating a sustainable packaging solution can be easier depending on the product; when the product being delivered is fragile, it definitely presents a bigger issue to control and solve. There are ways things can be improved though, and it’s good to see international retailers like Zara, ASOS and others beginning to come on-stream now and adjust their packaging policies in order to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The team at Bracken Foam Fabricators have put together this infographic below that outlines everything you need to know about sustainable packaging and its benefits. It examines some really interesting case studies of companies who have implemented sustainable packaging; it details some key sustainable packaging trends; it highlights ways in which we can ensure sustainability is focused plus lots more! Check out the full infographic below for all the details.

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