How do younger audiences consume broadcast news in today’s modern world?

The last two years have been like no other. COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our society and will continue to have long-lasting effects. One such change – particularly of note to the marketing and PR industries, and anyone promoting their own brands and businesses – is how young audiences choose to consume broadcast news….

What To Do When a Crazy Customer Knocks Your Course Creation Confidence

For many people, what other people think about them is really important – especially those that they love.   Getting support and approval from the people we care about the most can be hugely important and for many people, the ultimate deciding factor about whether they go ahead with what they were thinking about doing…

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How to Boost Your Bulk Messaging with Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

Technology trends are always evolving, and 2020 is no different with Software as a Solution (SaaS) experiencing explosive growth this year due to the digital transformation that’s characterized every single industry. SaaS is a delivery model used globally for everything from cloud services to data management with Coherent Market Insights projecting that profits in this…