Is SEO Worth the Expense? [infographic]

Businesses that want to expand their reach beyond their local communities must first have a website to let their target customers find them online. But the site is not enough, and business owners must follow it up with an active Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Some business owners might be shocked when they see an SEO campaign’s price, and they decide to stick to traditional outbound marketing techniques to advertise their services. Traditional advertising techniques are far cheaper than SEO but yield far lower results than the costlier option. Companies can use both traditional marketing and SEO to improve traffic to their sites, especially since ads are still useful.

Because many consumers now rely on the internet to look for the services and products they need, businesses must ensure that their websites are discoverable. SEO campaigns seek to place websites on the first pages of the search engine results pages, allowing potential customers to locate their site even if few people have heard of the brand’s name.

SEO is labour-intensive and can take up significant time and resources that businesses can’t afford to spare. Outsourcing SEO is still costly, but it allows companies to focus on their processes while reaping the campaign’s benefits.

Being discoverable online is likely enough to convince companies that SEO is worth the expense. If they need more confirmation on this, they can view Landau Consulting’s infographic to see the benefits of SEO.

Is SEO Worth the Expense, SEO for business

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