Ideas For Business Name Signs

Every business is identified by its logo. Whether on their building, email blasts or on the side of a building, the imagery and wording that depicts a business say a lot about who they are and what they do before the customer even enters the storefront. When coming up with ideas for your business sign, there are a few core things to keep in mind that will keep you on the right track: Color theory, logo shape, and printing guidelines.

The Color Theory of Commerce

Colours mean a lot to human beings – the sense that originally helped us discern safe, edible plants from poisonous or dangerous ones now finds itself a core part of design philosophy. You’ve likely heard the terms “feeling blue” and “seeing red”, and this is because colours hold a lot of emotional weight in our culture. As such, it is important to be mindful of which colours you choose to design your business sign with. The colour your company becomes synonymous with can highly affect how customers perceive your business. Blue, as can be found in Walmart’s logo design, tends to be professional, friendly, and bright but also has a very stalwart, corporate spin to it. Red can be energetic and playful but is often used in medical and culinary capacities as well. When designing your business sign, take some time to find which colours resonate with you, as well as be careful to pick colours that work well with each other as well.

Signs of all Shapes and Sizes

Colour is only one part of the sign design puzzle. The shapes and fonts that hold a sign together are also paramount to the careful design of your business’s sign. Human eyes are designed to detect movement and interesting shapes, and it behoves a business to design its sign with this in mind.

Unique fonts help bring character to your company — a font with a serif font in its logo is often regarded as incredibly professional, authoritative, and stable, while sans-serif fonts (fonts without serifs) are often seen as younger, more playful, or sleek. After all, your sign holds the name of your business, and how “scrappy” or “mature” your business is seen is largely defined by the font used to display it. Though different materials may affect the look of your sign, Foam lettering is good for businesses who want an affordable sign solution that can adapt to many different fonts and word arrangements.

More Than the Storefront

A business’ sign is more than just a logo for their storefront; it is definitional of all of their media. Think about all of the places it may appear — Black and white print, mobile screens, TVs and giant advertisement screens — All of these mediums can make a sign appear differently to a customer and should be accounted for when designing your business’ sign. Paying attention to the colour theory, shape, and size of your sign can help to ensure a versatile and compelling sign sure to stick in your customer’s mind.

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