How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time

Social Media is ever-growing and with that, it is becoming people’s main source of information and news. With this in mind, it is wise that most businesses have a social media presence. This social media presence can vary depending on which market the business is in and which platform is the most suitable fit. For example, a clothing brand is very visual so Instagram would be very suitable and if it is a younger audience being targeted then Tik Tok would also be advisable Whereas a property insurance business would be more inclined to use Facebook as the main social media platform as its demographic would be slightly older.

Most businesses just go ahead and make a page on every social media platform; copy and paste content onto all the platforms; don’t monitor the analytics and just hope for the best. Not only is this not the correct way to manage social media but it is wasting time and resources for the business.

During a survey in 2021 of small businesses in the U.S.  who were utilizing social media for advertising purposes, 66% of respondents said they used Facebook, while 42%indicated using YouTube. All in all some 55% of small businesses in the country were advertising on social media at that time. (Source – Statista) Of this 55%, there will be a number of businesses that aren’t monitoring their online presence and aren’t regularly putting out engaging content. Our friends over at M2OnHold have created an infographic that goes through “How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time”. They look at the statistics behind why you should implement a social media system; the steps to save time while managing social media e.g. creating a strategy, scheduling social listening and engaging with followers; and what the experts have to say on the topic of time management with social media.

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